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Program Background

The SKALA Program is a significant Australian investment designed to help Indonesia address regional disparities in development. SKALA will contribute to this objective by strengthening selected elements of Indonesia’s large and complex decentralised government system responsible for the delivery of basic services (Layanan Dasar). The SKALA Program’s core approach is to facilitate better collaboration (Kolaborasi) between Indonesian government stakeholders, at national and subnational levels, to help realise synergies (Sinergi) that will trigger improved service delivery. Moreover, SKALA will build on, and take to scale, the successes and learning from Australia’s previous 17 years of support to Indonesia’s decentralised government system. The SKALA Program is to be implemented through the following three pillars: 

  • Pillar 1: Stronger national level enabling environment for sub-national service delivery  
  • Pillar 2: Better sub-national governance for service delivery 
  • Pillar 3: Greater participation, representation and influence for women, people with disabilities and vulnerable groups

About DT Global

DT Global is shaping a future where sustainable development and innovation empower individuals, communities, and nations. We work in partnership with local stakeholders to foster inclusive prosperity, social equity, and environmental stewardship. Our global team of 2,500 staff and experts work in over 90 countries to solve complex problems in the peacebuilding, governance, economic development, environment, and human development sectors. With a track record of technical excellence and more than 60 years of international development experience and relationships, we deliver innovative solutions that transform lives.

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The Role
The programmer specialist will assist SKALA and its’ government partner, especially MOHA and BAPPENAS to improve Regional Government Information System (SIPD) application (website and desktop) and integrate SIPD with other national and regional applications with guidance from SKALA and its government partners. The programmer will also assist in developing manual of the system and transferring knowledge and skills to government counterparts.

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About You

Specific Responsibilities 

  1. Provide analysis on the current Regional Government Information System (SIPD) and identify further improvement needed to ensure fulfilment of Electronic Based Government System (SPBE) requirements standard  
  2. Develop business process and system development and integration design in consultation with SKALA and government counterparts ensuring data, especially data on gender, disability, vulnerable and its’ analysis can be accessed easily and timely.   
  3. Assist in development and improvement of Regional Government Information System (SIPD) application (website and desktop)   
  4. Work closely with SKALA’s information and technology support team to assist system integration, including with SEPAKAT, SIGAP, SAIK+, SIO Papua and other local information systems   
  5. Provide input to government policies and guidelines for regional governments on the use of newly updated SIPD for planning, budgeting and services.   
  6. Assist in knowledge and skills transfer to government counterpart ensuring capacity exist for system management.  
  7. Develop frequently asked questions and answers for SIPD users  
  8. Other tasks as requested by SKALA.  

Other Duties: 

  • Comply with DFAT, DT Global and SKALA policies on gender, disability, fraud and anticorruption, child protection, PSEAH and the environment. 
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to various operational policies, guidelines and manuals issued by DT Global and SKALA. 
  • Proactively identify and report risks and manage risks within your level of accountability. 
  • Undertake other duties as required by the Program. 

Job Requirements 

  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain. 
  • Work may require long, and flexible hours as needed. Travel is based on need. 


  1. Report on analysis of current SIPD and identification on improvement needed  
  2. SIPD business process, including integration process and system development.  
  3. Developed application   
  4. Source codes, algorithm and hand over to government counterpart  
  5. Documentation of developing, testing, and deploying SIPD from the source codes.  
  6. Documented process of policy and guidelines development for SIPD operationalisation.  
  7. Frequently asked questions and answers for SIPD users   

Relationship Management 

This role will be working closely with SKALA Implementation team and with government counterpart, especially Bappenas and MOHA. This position will report to LOGIS Lead. 

Selection Criteria 


  1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, Information and Technology, or related field with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in developing regional government information system (SIPD)  
  2. Excellent skills and proven experiences in software engineering and security system.  
  3. Experience developing projects using CodeIgniter or Laravel and using a database such as MySQL or MariaDB. Also, integration system using webhook or API.  
  4. Familiar with PHP, HTML, CSS  
  5. Experience with CI/CD such as Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker, Supervisor, Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform  
  6. Experience using AWS, Azure, and GCP  
  7. Experience with a unit test like cypress.  
  8. Excellent skills and proven experiences in open-source system (LINUX or UNIX) programming.    
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills and written and verbal communication skills.  
  10. Excellent problem-solving skills.  
  11. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team to achieve goals.  

Remuneration Successful Indonesian nationals will be engaged under a national contract in IDR and will be subject to Indonesian employment regulations and tax obligations.

Why join SKALA
By joining the SKALA, you will be part of an environment where you can collaborate with leading experts from diverse backgrounds, access development programs to achieve your career goals, and be challenged to take a global outlook.

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APPLICATIONS CLOSE  26th October 2023, 5 PM Jakarta Time
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Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) is an Australia-Indonesia Partnership Program aimed at supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by improving basic-service provisions to poor and vulnerable communities in less-developed regions.


Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) is an Australia-Indonesia Partnership Program aimed at supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by improving basic-service provisions to poor and vulnerable communities in less-developed regions.


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