Otsus and Village Funds Manager


Location Jakarta, Indonesia
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Program Background
The SKALA Program is a significant Australian investment designed to help Indonesia address regional disparities in development. SKALA will contribute to this objective by strengthening selected elements of Indonesia’s large and complex decentralised government system responsible for the delivery of basic services (Layanan Dasar). The SKALA Program’s core approach is to facilitate better collaboration (Kolaborasi) between Indonesian government stakeholders, at national and subnational levels, to help realise synergies (Sinergi) that will trigger improved service delivery. Moreover, SKALA will build on, and take to scale, the successes and learning from Australia’s previous 19 years of support to Indonesia’s decentralised government system. The SKALA Program is to be implemented through the following three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Stronger national level enabling environment for sub-national service delivery
  • Pillar 2: Better sub-national governance for service delivery
  • Pillar 3: Greater participation, representation and influence for women, people with disabilities and vulnerable groups

SKALA is implemented at the national level with an office in Jakarta and at the subnational level with offices in Aceh, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Maluku, Gorontalo, Kalimantan Utara, Tanah Papua. In addition to the 3 pillars, SKALA works across 4 general themes of Public Financial Management, Minimum Service Standards, Data and Analysis and GEDSI.

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The Role
The Manager for Otsus and Village Funds will be responsible for providing managerial assistance and ensuring quality results of activities related to Special autonomy or best known as otonomi khusus, and abbreviated as Otsus funds, and village funds management. The Manager for Otsus and Village Funds –from this point on will be addressed as the Manager– provides support, facilitation and activity management relevant to Otsus funds, and village funds management at the national and subnational level, that contribute to SKALA program objectives and outcomes. To ensure coherence and synergy in achieving program objective, the Manager will work collaboratively with other managers and their teams at the national and subnational level and engage and work with the Government of Indonesia (GoI) and DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) to ensure planning and implementation is based on the priorities and agenda set by program governance structures. Under direction from the PFM (Public Financial Management) Lead, the Manager will work with the Executive Team, Operations & Finance Team, Planning & Quality Team, and Performance & Learning Team to ensure SKALA program is delivered efficiently and effectively. The Manager will be accountable to the PFM Lead for Otsus funds and village funds issues and management, working with the DT-Global Contractor Representative to ensure that work plans align with DT-Global, DFAT best practice principles and policies.

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About You

Specific Responsibilities


  1. Provide assistance to policy engagements related to Otsus funds, and village funds management activities relevant to SKALA supports to the relevant GoI agencies.
  2. Ensure strong ownership and buy-in at the national and subnational level of Otsus funds and village funds management activities relevant to SKALA.
  3. Manage an effective working relationship with DFAT, GoI and other strategic partners.
  4. Provide active support to ensure governance mechanisms are functioning and follow direction from the Program Steering Committee and Technical Committee.
  5. Develop strong and productive working relationships with other organisations delivering Australian investments and programs in Indonesia.
  6. Promote broad-based public dialogue on key themes including poverty and community development / decentralisation issues.

Implementation and quality assurance

  1. Assist design of workplan and activities on Otsus funds and village management to ensure the team’s activities are aligned with Government of Australia (GoA) and GoI priorities, SKALA’s program logic and DFAT priorities.
  2. Provide management assistance to the implementation of SKALA’s activities related to Otsus funds and village funds on management at the national and subnational level, as agreed to in the workplan.
  3. Provide technical oversight and quality assurance for the delivery of Otsus funds and village funds management related activities.
  4. Promote synergies across teams and units at the national and subnational level, ensuring program coherence and cohesion across outcomes and between central level policy investments and sub national activities


  1.  Provide clear direction and overall management to Otsus funds and village funds management related work (at the national and subnational level) to ensure strong performance and outcomes.
  2.  Ensure adequate resourcing and capacities for all implementation teams (at the national and subnational level).
  3. Manage financial resources related to Otsus funds and village funds management works, including as budget holder, responsible for managing the budget and regularly providing a realistic forecast.
  4. Provide timely and quality reports, documentation and knowledge products, as required.
  5. Working with Ops & Finance Team Operations & Finance Team to oversee aspects of Program implementation, including HR, procurement, fiduciary and risk management processes.
  6. Working with Planning & Quality Team to ensure quality of planning, implementation and outcomes.
  7. Working with Performance & Learning Team to develop a program of evaluation and analysis relevant to the three end-of-program outcomes.

People Management

  1. Provide assistance to PFM Unit to ensure program activities are undertaken as per work plan, on time, of good quality, within budget and compliant with relevant manuals, policies and procedures.
  2. Responsible for assistance in setting performance goals for PFM Unit both at team and individual level; undertake regular performance monitoring; provide appropriate performance feedback; and, if needed, initiate and manage Performance Improvement Plan for relevant team members.
  3. Assist in the need of skill development and mentoring plans with the PFM Unit to build capacity in areas of identified need to support improved Program implementation

Other Duties:

  • Comply with DFAT, DT Global and SKALA policies on gender, disability, fraud and anticorruption, child protection, PSEAH and the environment.
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to various operational policies, guidelines and manuals issued by DT Global and SKALA.
  • Proactively identify and report risks and manage risks within your level of accountability.
  • Undertake other duties as required by the Program.

Job Requirements

  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain.
  • Work may require long, and flexible hours as needed. Travel is based on need (other options: travel is not required, or occasional travel).

Relationship Management

This position will work closely and effectively with a range of stakeholders, including all other Program staff, the DT Global corporate team and other external service providers. The position will report to the PFM Lead.

 Selection Criteria

  1. A minimum University (undergraduate) qualification in (public policy, public administration, economics, social studies, regional planning, or a relevant discipline).
  2. At least 8 years of previous experience in Otonomi Khusus/special autonomy funds, village funds and engaging with the Government of Indonesia. Experience with the Ministry of Finance, Bappenas, and Ministry of Home Affairs is seen as an advantage.
  3. Must be strongly details oriented and show patience and determination to explore the problem and all of its elements until the reasoning has been found so that it can be resolved accurately.
  4. Good analytical, written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate with a variety of audiences and produce good written reports.
  5. Ability to work independently and to tight deadlines and produce high-quality documentation.
  6. Very good verbal and written communication skills in English and Indonesian with the ability to communicate with a wide range of Government stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.


  • A demonstrated understanding of the Indonesian decentralisation processes including relevant laws,  policies, regulations and the political economy of the sector.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the different needs of traditionally disadvantaged stakeholders such as women, the elderly, vulnerable and people with disabilities or special mobility needs

Successful Indonesian nationals will be engaged under a national contract in IDR and will be subject to Indonesian employment regulations and tax obligations.

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APPLICATIONS CLOSE – 2nd April 2024, 5 PM Jakarta time.
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Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) is an Australia-Indonesia Partnership Program aimed at supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by improving basic-service provisions to poor and vulnerable communities in less-developed regions.


Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) is an Australia-Indonesia Partnership Program aimed at supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by improving basic-service provisions to poor and vulnerable communities in less-developed regions.


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