Unlocking Potential: The SKALA Internship Program


In a competitive job market, gaining practical experience while studying can make a world of a difference for young professionals. The SKALA Internship Program does exactly this. It offers final-year bachelor students and fresh graduates a golden opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world projects, enhancing their academic knowledge with practical skills. This internship program is designed to provide hands-on experience in various roles within SKALA, an Australia-Indonesia Partnership program that aims to help reduce poverty and inequality within Indonesia by improving basic service provision to poor and vulnerable communities in less developed regions.

Program Details and Benefits

The SKALA Internship Program is structured around two cycles per year, with internships running from April to June and September to November. Applicants must have strong analytical and writing skills, a keen interest in development work, and/or experience in organizing events. SKALA actively encourages young professionals of diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities to apply.
For cycle one of the 2024 intake, SKALA advertised four positions and received an overwhelming 703 applications in response. This high level of interest led to the selection of seven interns in the first intake, reflecting the program’s flexibility and the candidates’ impressive qualifications.
Interns receive a monthly stipend and the opportunity to work on impactful projects that contribute to their academic credits and professional development. The selection process ensures a balanced representation of gender, disability, and regional diversity, reflecting SKALA’s commitment to inclusive development.

Diverse Internship Roles

The SKALA Internship Program offers both practical experience and the chance to work alongside seasoned professionals in the field of international development. Interns gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and impacts of development projects, preparing them for careers in this vital sector.
For instance, those with a knack for data can apply to become Data Analysis Interns. The role offers a chance to support SKALA’s implementation team with data processing, quality control, and visualization. It is an opportunity for interns to work alongside senior data managers and gain valuable insights into the intricacies of data management in development projects that support the Government of Indonesia’s own data systems.

The GEDSI (Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion) intern focuses on mainstreaming GEDSI issues into regional development planning documents. Working under the guidance of the GEDSI Coordinator, this role is perfect for those passionate about promoting inclusive development practices. The People & Culture Interns support SKALA’s recruitment, orientation, and staff development processes. This role provides a comprehensive understanding of human resources and organizational culture within the development sector. The Procurement Intern aids the procurement unit with administrative tasks. The role offers a behind-the-scenes look at the logistical aspects of international development projects. Additionally, the Communications and Public Diplomacy Intern assists in day-to-day communications and public diplomacy efforts. This position is perfect for those interested in media, public relations, and international communications.

SKALA is currently preparing to open cycle two of the 2024 Interns intake and additional roles will be advertised.

Inspiring Interns

The SKALA Internship Program is proud to showcase the talents of its diverse interns. One intern, despite having Down syndrome, has demonstrated remarkable dedication and skill in the role of a Communications and Public Diplomacy Intern. Their work ethic and team spirit make them a valued member of the SKALA team. Another intern, a budding data specialist with a speech impairment, brings expertise in data extraction and visualization to the Data Analyst Intern position. Their ability to manage complex data systems and develop predictive models highlights the program’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence.

Another exemplary intern studying statistics at Bogor Agricultural University is showcasing their ability to enhance operational efficiency and transparency through their work at Statistics Indonesia, where they have developed a new distribution dashboard. A fourth intern is finalizing a thesis on democracy and income inequality. They have brought their innovative spirit and experience in research and consulting to the GEDSI intern position. A final-year psychology student excels in human resources. Their previous roles involved recruitment, performance monitoring, and staff development, highlighting strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

Another intern with an academic background in international relations is using their expertise in managing supplier databases, strong communication skills and collaborative approach to become a standout Procurement Intern. SKALA is also proud to host a GEDSI intern who is currently pursuing a Master of Development Studies and has extensive volunteer experience with development organizations.
Looking ahead

The SKALA Internship Program is more than an internship; it is a pathway to meaningful careers in international development. By providing practical experience, fostering inclusivity, and promoting professional growth, SKALA is supporting young professionals to unlock their potential and contribute to significant development projects in Indonesia and beyond.

For those ready to make a difference, the SKALA Internship Program offers the perfect start.

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Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) is an Australia-Indonesia Partnership Program aimed at supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by improving basic-service provisions to poor and vulnerable communities in less-developed regions.


Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) is an Australia-Indonesia Partnership Program aimed at supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by improving basic-service provisions to poor and vulnerable communities in less-developed regions.


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